1. By purchasing a product you are granted a NON EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE USE LICENSE

    1. NON EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE USE LICENSE grants you the right to use Footage:

      1. in Productions (i.e., a film, video, television series, advertisement, or other multimedia production) displayed or distributed to the public by any means now known or hereafter devised;

      2. in connection with a live performances, dance floors, concerts backgrounds and the like which would not infringe any of the restrictions on point b. below

      3. on websites which would not infringe any of the restrictions on point b. below

      4. Footage is available to download upon purchase as per the relevant sampled video and our watermak therefore will disapear.

      5. No other than the author has the right to give rights of usage and to remove any watermarks.



    1. Use Visual Content other than as expressly provided by the license you purchased with respect to such Visual Content.

    2. Portray any person depicted in Visual Content (a “Model”) in a way that a reasonable person would find offensive, including but not limited to depicting a Model: a) in connection with pornography, “adult videos”, adult entertainment venues, escort services, dating services, or the like; b) in connection with the advertisement or promotion of tobacco products; c) in a political context, such as the promotion, advertisement or endorsement of any party, candidate, or elected official, or in connection with any political policy or viewpoint; d) as suffering from, or medicating for, a physical or mental ailment; or e) engaging in immoral or criminal activities.

    3. Use any Visual Content in any kind of pornographic, defamatory, or deceptive context, or in a manner that could be considered libelous, obscene, or illegal

    4. Resell, redistribute, provide access to, share or transfer any Visual Content except as specifically provided herein.

    5. For example and not by way of limitation, the foregoing prohibits displaying Content as, or as part of, a “gallery” of content through which third parties may search and select from such content.

    6. Use Visual Content in a manner that infringes upon any third party’s trademark or other intellectual property, or would give rise to a claim of deceptive advertising or unfair competition.

    7. Use any Visual Content (in whole or in part) as a trademark, service mark, logo, or other indication of origin, or as part thereof.

    8. Use “stills” derived from Footage except solely in connection with the in-context marketing, promotion, and advertising of your derivative works incorporating Footage.

    9. Falsely represent, expressly or by way of reasonable implication, that any Visual Content was created by you or a person other than the copyright due to liquidbackgrounds.com

    If you require any of the foregoing rights, please contact Customer Service. (Email: contact@liquidbackgrounds.com

  3. NO LICENSE grants you the right to use sample content footage except to test as a sample, and therefore you are not permitted to display neither to distribute to the public or incorporate into social media or any final materials any such footage.  


Effective February 21, 2023 https://liquidbackgrounds.com